Making your Ubuntu life better

I’ve had a lot of trouble with Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) on a laptop (ThinkPad 420), and I’ve had problems including:

  • Not being able to use dual monitors,
  • Random logoffs.

I tentatively think I was able to solve them with two easy fixes:

  • Turn off Unity. You can do this in the login screen.
  • In the Update Manager, under “Settings”, check “Proposed updates”.

With the proposed updates, Unity may be working; try that at your own risk. With that, I have a reasonably stable system.

One Response to “Making your Ubuntu life better”

  1. Dan Aloni Says:

    Hey, I have Lenovo X220 and I’ve also had problems with dual monitors until I patched the kernel myself, see . Also, if you have docking station problems with regard to suspend, I also added a patch for that, if you don’t mind about disabling the DVDROM.

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