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Copilot featured in Aerospace America

December 10, 2011

My Copilot project, sponsored by NASA, was featured in the Aerospace America magazine “Year in Review” edition (December 2011). We recently finished up the project, which focused on solving the problem of failure in complex embedded systems (like flight control systems in commercial aircraft).  Our approach was a language called Copilot for runtime monitoring of embedded systems corroborated with experiments on airspeed sensor systems and an autopilot communication link.

Here’s a link to the page from the magazine mentioning us from the author’s page. (The relevant paragraph is in the middle of the right column).

Thanks to Galois and the National Institute of Aerospace where the work was done, the NASA folks we collaborated with, and especially Alwyn Goodloe, Nis Wegmann, Sebastian Niller, and Robin Morisset who worked on the project with me.